Friday, January 15, 2010

Battlefront #5 and Battle Action #29

I have been reading some great old comics of late and Atlas Comics (Marvel Comics) of the 1950's have some really strong artwork. One issue is Battlefront # 5 from 1952. This entire issue has artwork from Jerry Robinson (The great Golden Age artist on Batman). The cover is by Robinson too and its so well designed. Robinson's work on Batman is well known and the great covers he did on the title still hold up today as strong covers. Robinson did great work with Mort Meskin and George Roussos on different titles and love the work he did with them. Jerry Robinson's work on Battlefront #5 is among his best and seems like his output at Atlas is overlooked. First its not often that these 50's Atlas titles have one artist doing the whole issue. Sure Joe Maneely,Robert Q. Sale,Bill Everett,Dan Decarlo,Howie Post all did full books too but what makes this different is that this issue is one complete story.Its broken up like the other titles of the time like they are different tales but its more like chapters. There are 4 chapters,one sets up the story and characters and the other 3 are all told from the viewpoint of the 3 main characters.I don't know if Jerry Robinson wrote these stories but they are better than the average war stories from Atlas at the time.It feels like Jerry Robinson put so much into these comics,he did the first 5 issues.

The other issue is Battle Action # 29 from 1957. What a fantastic lineup of talent. The cover is by John Severin. The 1st story has art by Gene Colan,followed by John Romita,Jay Scott Pike,George Tuska,and Bob Forigone. The art is strong through out the issue but the George Tuska artwork is really well done. I can see why he was so well respected for his work during this period (big fan of his work in general). I would love to see Marvel collect some of these stories by artist, since Gene Colan is still with us; it would be so nice to see some of his war,western,horror and romance stories in one collection (maybe as a benefit to help with his medical bills).


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