Monday, January 18, 2010

Men's Adventures # 23

I really love the cover to Men's Adventures #23 from 1953. The art is by Bill Everett and its a panel cover which isn't a common cover design on too many comic books through out the years. Its not the best design for what a cover is intended to do which is grab you to pick up the book. Atlas did some other covers with the panel layout and some worked and many didn't. The build up of suspense with this cover is well done and the use of dialogue at the very end is effective and funny at the same time to me. Many years ago I was at a show and saw a copy of this issue and could tell it was Everett from quite a distance. I had a rule back then to only get Everett comics that he did stories in since he did many covers in the 50's. I asked to look inside the issue and was disappointed that Everett had nothing inside.Gave the book back and said thank you and made a mental note of it and never thought about getting the book. I did the same with Lorna (big mistake) which Bill Everett did fantastic covers on. Since then I have changed my rules on what I will pick up and like getting the different artists on these books.
So last year,I see this book on Ebay and saw that killer cover and went for it. Boy, was I glad I did. The inside art is so strong. The first story is by Howie Post. I have always loved his Anthro and wished it lasted longer than it did. I like his loose Walt Kelly-like work from the late 40's-50's work. This story is a horror story drawn with a rough feel to the art and it works oh so well. The 2nd story is by Mort Lawrence and I don't know if he did all the work on this story as it looks to me like he worked with other people on his stories as many of them have a different look to them. Regardless,there are some really detailed well worked panels in this tale. The next story has art by the great Reed Crandall while doing a genre that he was so good at pirates. Myron Fass does the art on the next story. Nice moody art works well with the story. Matt Fox did the art on the last story. I was told a long time ago that Matt Fox didn't pencil much in comics but did lots of inking. Don't know how true that statement is but there is no mistaking Matt Fox's style. Very heavy gothic feel with lots of black to his work. I really enjoy his work and could spend lots of time just looking at single panels,there is much to be gained from his work. The website Atlas Tales lists Larry Woromay as the penciller with Matt Fox as inker. This whole issue should be reprinted,not a bad job in the bunch and was a great joy to read.

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