Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Perhapanauts are fun!!!

I recently picked up a copy of The Perhapanauts: Triangle,published by Image Comics.
This comes from the minds of Todd Dezago and Craig Rousseau. I never got a chance to get the issues they did for Dark Horse with the same characters but I jumped in and started reading and what a great job they are doing. This is really a fun series and with great characters that are developed as they go along at a great pace. Craig Rousseau's artwork is in top form and its the best work I have seen by him. The art as well as the story goes from dark drama to light comedy. Todd Dezago's stories are tight and just right. I have always felt that Todd's stories have that something in his stuff that reminds me of Stan Lee's work in the 1960's.
I didn't feel lost reading this without the other series (but I plan on getting them for sure) and Todd does a great job of covering past ground. At 208 pages you are getting lots of reading and well worth it.
It seems that the few folks that know about this series all bring up one character: Choopie !!!!!! It makes sense as he is the comedy relief and a funny looking character too. Arisa,MG,Molly,Big round out this group of folks that hunt down and go after all sorts of bad guys,monsters and other strange creatures of the night and beyond. If you like horror,superhero,humor,romance or series like B.P.R.D. then give this a try. Besides from the great storytelling from Rousseau,there are back-up solo stories by other great artists: Richard Case, Jason Armstrong (who did amazing artwork on the mini-series Abe Sapien: The Drowning),Kelly Yates (Merrow's Tale is well drawn and a great example of the twists this series delivers), and Tad Stones.
When I started this book,I didn't know much about the series and then when I did read it well I couldn't put it down and that is a good read in my book.I look forward to more work from Todd and Craig!!!



  1. Have you tried The Umbrella Academy? Also fun, I bet you'd dig it. And gorgeous, Mignola-esque artwork.

  2. Alan
    Thanks for looking.
    I have read Umbrella Academy and you are right I did dig it.
    Love the artwork and got Casanova and liked that very much too...
    Great comix!!